What's new?

v3.5.3 Chrome: 22-02-2023, Mac/Windows: 22-02-2023, Edge: In Review

In version 3.5.2 sending requests was a bit funky, that has now been fixed.

πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ The app is now also available in German, this is still in a test phase.
πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ The app is now also available in Spanish, this is still in a test phase.
πŸ‡΅πŸ‡± The app is now also available in Polish, this is still in a test phase.

v3.5.2 Chrome: 20-02-2023, Mac: 20-02-2023, Windows: TBA, Edge: In Review

In this small update, sending custom requests has been fixed. In addition, the app has been cleaned up and some small improvements have been made.

v3.5.1 Chrome: 15-02-2023, Mac: 15-02-2023, Windows: 15-02-2023, Edge: never happened

Finally! the Windows Desktop version has been updated! It has taken a while (10 months πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«) but this is the next step towards full E2E encryption in the chat. More about that later!

This update also has the following improvements:
πŸš€ Performance improvements: The app was cleaned up to have even faster response times
πŸ“ˆ More statistics under the statistics icon: You can now go back in time via the Day Overview.
πŸ’„ Some small cosmetic updates here and there.
🍼 The tour at first use has been improved.

v3.5.0 07-01-2023: Chrome, 08-01-2023: Mac, Rest: TBA

Best wishes for 2023!.
πŸ” The past months I've been working on end-to-end encryption of chat messages, in this version this is prepared. That means that your messages will be sent securely to our servers. The feature is not yet activated, but will be activated when all versions for Mac, Windows and Edge are available (older versions cannot read the messages).

In addition, we have made a number of small improvements.

v3.4.2 09-09-2022: Chrome/Edge, 12-09-2022: macOS, TBA: Windows

Minor update with the following improvements:
πŸ—£ Old chat messages from before 3.4.0 remained in the chat messages overview in some cases
πŸ“Š Minor improvements to the statistics screen

v3.4.1 06-09-2022: Chrome; 06-09-2022: Edge; macOS/Windows: TBA

Small update with the following fixes:
🌍 The 'connection problem' message appeared for a few milliseconds when you opened the app.
πŸ† The achievements left a bit funky (HTML-)text at the detail page.
πŸ—£ Chat messages sometimes jumped strangely, also solved!

v3.4.0 05-09-2022: Chrome

It has been a while since the last update! The following have been addressed in this update:
πŸ—£ The chat has been redesigned to allow more messages to be visible.
πŸ•˜ Message time in the chat is now shown based on time zone.
πŸ”„ GIFs are refreshed more often and for the search terms you will get different results more regularly.
πŸ“Š Statistics screen (this will be further expanded for PLUS users)
πŸͺ² Fixed a bug that you couldn't get out of Do Not Disturb mode.
πŸͺ² Fixed a bug that prevented you from doing anything if you had the emoji picker and gif screen open at the same time.
πŸͺ² Fixed bug where the group list was not displayed properly in classic view.
New PLUS icon.
πŸŽ‰ Further refinements to the design.

v3.3.2 04-04-2022: Windows

In this Windows-only update is there a bug fixed that caused the app to crash if a notification was received.

v3.3.1 19-02-2022: Windows/macOS/Chrome, 22-03-2022: Edge

In this update, the following things have been updated/changed/fixed:
- More improvements to the Gif feature: previews of GIFs and a cleaner overview, also GIFs are now a lot bigger in chat! 🌠
- The emoji-picker is now fully visible again. 😁
- Refinements to the design πŸ–Œ
- Sometimes the current group name was not displayed correctly, that has been fixed
- Time when a chat message was sent is visible again ⏱
- Many improvements that I forgot for a while πŸŽ‰

v3.3.0 16-02-2022: Chrome, 16-02-2022: Windows/macOS, In Review: Edge

In this update, the following issues have been addressed:
- Ability to set a custom voice (when available) in the settings menu is back.
- Fixed a bug that caused invitees to in some cases got no notifications.
- The display of avatars has been improved.
- The GIF feature has been refined further, for ex. the loading icon was hanging when there were no results.

v3.2.3 12-02-2022: Chrome

In this very minor update we fixed a bug that stopped the app from opening in some cases.

v3.2.2 28-01-2022: Chrome, 01-02-2022: Edge

In this very minor update, al references to Office Roulette are renamed to Office Spinner.

v3.2.1 28-01-2022: Chrome, In review: Edge

This small update has the following changes:
- Login with Apple ID
- Fixed a bug that prevented a language change from being saved properly
- It now shows on the home screen a screen that explains what to do when no one is online.

v3.2.0 17-01-2022: Chrome, 21-01-2022 (Windows/macOS), 25-01-2022 (Edge)

In this version, many improvements have been made to the startup time and performance of the app.

New features
- In the settings, the badge below the icon can now be adjusted to: Disabled, Number of online users or the number of unread messages.
- An animation has been added to the icon when the roulette is in progress.

We've been preparing for Google's upcoming obligation to use so-called service workers. This is a huge change for the extension, as a lot of it will likely need to be rewritten. In the worst-case scenario, it could even be the end of the extension, let's hope it isn't. We still have the desktop version if it isn't working out. πŸ™ƒ

v3.1.0 06-12-2021 (Edge/Chrome), TBA (Windows desktop), 02-12-2021 (macOS desktop)

It is possible to respond 'No' after a 'Yes' again

Since version 3.0, after you responded with a 'Yes', you couldn't go back to 'No' while the request was still in progress. This has been resolved in this version, so you can avoid a roulette again.


We've added generated avatars in this version. You'll automatically get an avatar assigned, but you can change it in the profile menu yourself. You now have the following choices; upload own image, create a new avatar, Β the first letter of your name or the classic silhouette.

Β  Small changes
  • desktop versionΒ macOS:Β If you clicked 'Yes' in a notification, this was not registered in the app, we've fixed that in this version.
  • The layout popover for mentioning someone (β€œ@” in the chat) has been refined.
  • Users who are not yet logged in will now see who is already present (in the default group) in the popup
  • fixed a bug where joining groups was not always successful.

v3.0.1 & 3.0.2 22-11-2021

Dark Mode Dark mode is based on your device's settings. In the settings you can also choose to always turn it on or off.

In addition, the design has been further refined. Among other things, the bar at the top has been slightly reduced so that there is more space for the roulettes. In addition, the images are made rounded squares, this was already the case during a roulette.

We try to make the app faster, in some cases it can seem quite slow.

In addition, as always, some bugs have been fixed.

Update 24-11-2021
The Windows desktop version of 3.0 is now available.

v3.0.0.1 & 10-11-2021

Aiii, where are those GIFs?! There was a lot of feedback about the missing GIF images, they are back in this release! Somehow this feature has been overlooked, even during the months of testing.

In addition, some fixes for minor bugs that popped up after the release, such as some lingual errors and some changes for the upcoming desktop apps that will also be based on this version.

v3.0.0.0 08-11-2021

There it is! Office Roulette 3.0! πŸŽ‰ The first major update in a year and 4 months.

This update includes an entirely new design and a completely rewritten back-end server. (It was already running a few weeks before this update, but still…)

The old design dated back to September 2018, so it was time to change this design a bit.

Β  What's new?
Essentially, not much has changed in this major update. The code has been completely rewritten, but the functions are about the same. The aforementioned server updates were especially the biggest job. This update also had to work with old versions of the app because the desktop versions are still waiting for some time.

The biggest things that have changed:
Β - The layout has been changed to a 3-column design, you can still choose the old layout if you like.
Β  - This update gives more priority to profile pictures, they appear more in the overviews and the roulette requests. Here too, you can adjust this to taste towards the old design
Β -Β The whole has become a bit more appy, including all fonts are a bit larger.
- Many lingual errors, sometimes suddenly Dutch sentences. And many many other bug fixes.

Β If you have any feedback, both positive or negative, please let me know through the bug-icon in the header, it will help me develop a better version for you. In the end, I'm a one-man team, so there are no big test teams available.

The next update will probably come soon as strange bugs keep popping up after such a big update! πŸ˜‰πŸ€¨

v2.4.2.1 17-06-2020

A minor update that fixes a few minor bugs, for ex. sometimes the promotion flashes once when no promotion was available.

In addition to these fixes also some changes to support Edge. The extension was submitted to Microsoft Store for the new version of the Microsoft Edge browser!

Update 24-06-2020
We're now available for Microsoft Edge browser in the Microsoft Addon store! πŸŽ‰

v2.4.2.0 08-06-2020

After a long time of silence a new update of the extension. In addition to some stability updates, this version (in the extension) added the feature to make a roulette request directly from any web page! So you can right click on any page and make a request. An easier way to get coffee does not exist! 😁

v2.4.1.0 16-03-2020

It has been a while since there has been an update, but here's, a small update in between.

We have improved the performance of the app. When things started to blow out on our side, the app started to reconnect directly, which caused the situation to escalate further. 🀯
In addition, it is now possible to select 'hot water' in the drink selection.

v2.4.0.0 23-12-2019

Merry christmas and a happy new year! πŸŽ… Here is the last big(ger) update of 2019!

- All references to PRO accounts have been changed to the new name: Plus!
- There are new options for Plus groups, you can now set (as group owner) how much time someone has to respond to a request and how long it takes before the roulette starts.
- The group info window has received an update.
- Some minor updates were made to the design.
- A fix for conflicting emoji-sets
- You can now use '/gif {subject}' in the chat window to send a random gif with the given subject.

v2.3.6.0 06-12-2019

- If you now type '@' in the chat, you can use the arrow keys to select someone and press Enter to mention the person in the chat.
- The layout has been adjusted to make better use of the scarse space.
- The 'drink selection' has been improved and now also includes the Doppio option, the double espresso!
- There also have been some language updates on both the English and the Dutch language.
- We also did some UI/UX improvements, such as loaders when needed.

v2.3.5.0 27-11-2019

- You can now respond to people by clicking on their name in the chat. This was previously possible with the '@'-key and then choosing a name. The person will get a popup with the message. This can only be done once per 10 minutes.
- Logging in to groups has been improved with more interaction.
- Accepting users in 'Accept by other member'-groups has been improved.
- Logo in the Tour has been adjusted to the new logo. (It was almost a year old already, oops)
- Improvements in the chat window for provides more overview.

v2.3.4.0 13-11-2019

- We fixed a bug that caused some emoji conflicts. (especially due to the MSN emoticon set from the last update)
- Groups with people with the same name are now better distinguishable (w/ the letters of their last name in 'earlier roulettes' as well).

Windows-desktop versions will follow next week!

v2.3.3.3 31-10-2019

Today it's 5 years ago that MSN Messenger (or Window Live Messenger) went officially offline, okay, in Europe and the USA it was a bit earlier, but in China it was active until Microsoft pulled the plug on October 31th, 2014..

To keep the memory alive, you can use all 'emoticons' of MSN/WLM using their original codes in Office Roulette from today!

v2.3.3.2 07-10-2019

- We launched OfficeRoulette.com!

We changed the behaviour to show nicer colors in row. It was getting messy when only one person changed his/her color.

v2.3.3.1 04-10-2019

- Small update where we fixes some small bugs. Also, we're now collecting the computers timezone to show the right times and for sending the statistics mail on the right moment.
- Own plane color: We changed the behaviour to show nicer colors in row. It was getting messy when only one person changed his/her color. (

v2.3.3.0 02-10-2019

- Uploading profile pictures is fixed in this version.
Users of pro-servers can set their own color for their plane in the roulette.
- Small fix: If the special hits, the plane color of where the special was will now also disappear.
- Translations updated
- Speed fixes for the wheel and a bit less confetti!
- The roulette with one other participant: 'there is 1 other participant' instead of 'there are 1 other participants', better this way.
- Windows Desktop version: In addition to the Mac version, the Windows version is now also officially digitally signed with a certificate. (This means you will no longer see 'Unknown publisher' notification while installing)

v2.3.2.1 22-09-2019

- There was a bug in the settings page that made it impossible to read the explaination of the 'Harco Feature'. Thanks to the report of user Drikus, this bug was fixed.
- Some small stability fixes.

v2.3.2.0 18-09-2019

- Fixes some typos in texts.
- Optimized some code to make the extension/app more responsive

v2.3.1.3 27-08-2019

This is the version ( which was reverted earlier

In this update we've added a feature to also see lost achievements.
- Also updates on the international version. (better translations etc.)
- We're introducing a new beta-feature to sign off outsite office hours. (In the main menu if you enabled beta-features in the settings)
- Also some small bugfixes.

v2.3.1.2 19-08-2019

We've reverted to the previous version of the app due to a bug in the latest release. The features of version 2.3.1.* will be released soon! @orry for the inconvenience

v2.3.1.0 & 16-08-2019

** this version has been reverted ** In this update we've added a feature to also see lost achievements.
- Also updates on the international version. (better translations etc.)
- We're introducing a new beta-feature to sign off outsite office hours. (In the main menu if you enabled beta-features in the settings)
- Also some small bugfixes.

v2.3.0.3 26-07-2019

Minor update to enhance the login process.
Also some under-the-hood updates that enables us to manage more people on the long run!

v2.3.0.1 & 23-07-2019

Minor updates to the sit-stand feature and some small bug fixes to the achievements.

In the sit-stand feature you can now specify the hours of the percentage (default: 1 hour) you want to stand. For example, at 25% you can now setup 2 hours: standing half an hour of 2 hours.

v2.3.0.0 17-07-2019

Office Roulette has Achievements from now on. We're not telling which ones there are, but maybe you'll have one already! Soon we'll be adding more. Have fun!

We also smashed some bugs (Like gifs not appearing due to emojis) and we optimized some code.

v2.2.2.1 & 24-06-2019

- The sit-stand feature: Stand/sit percentage has been fixed for an own sit-stand schedule.

v2.2.2.0 21-06-2019

- The sit-stand Lab-feature is expanded with functionality to schedule your own stand-moments. You can find the feature in the sit-stand options window under 'Create a custom sit-stand schedule'.
- Some bugfixes for notifications!

v2.2.1.1 18-06-2019

- bugfix for the sit-stand desk lab feature.
- Bugfixes for desktop versions.
- Speed improvements
- Windows (desktop) will not force you to update every time you open the app anymore

v2.2.1.0 15-06-2019

- Another Notification bugfix release
- Also a login fix for the desktop releases.

v2.2.0.2 & 03-06-2019 & 04-06-2019

- Notification bugfixes
- Solution for a problem with notifications that affected some new users.

v2.2.0.1 01-06-2019

- Sit stand desk feature is extended with working days (so you won't be disturbed on your days off)
- Small bugfixes for the desktop versions

v2.2.0.0 31-05-2019

- Beter contrast for the sliders on the Settings page
- Bugfix: You are now able to turn off the do-not-disturb functionality
- A bug which was related to notifications is finally found and smashed! πŸŽ‰
- Labs! Small features that are not really related to Office Roulettes Core functionality. The first lab is 'Sit Stand Desk Notifications'
- Text in the chat are now selectable
- Drink selection is now on by default if the group is Pro! (one Pro connected in the pas week)
- Fixed many small bugs

v2.1.1.3 24-05-2019

- You can now mention people in the chat by typing @Name in the chat. The user will receive a notification when mentions (Only once in 10 minutes). If this feature is abused, we'll change it's functionality.
- People with same names will have the first letter of their last name added.

v2.1.1.2 23-05-2019

- We have added support for logging in with a Microsoft Account (also Business suite Office 365 is supported).

v2.1.1.1 17-05-2019

- We have added GIPHY support in this version. You can now send gifs in the chat.

v2.1.1.0 09-05-2019

- This small update is another release to fix some notification bugs.

v2.1.0.6 & 08-05-2019

- In this small update a bug was fixed that causes notifications to show with wrong texts or not being shown at all.

v2.1.0.5 29-04-2019

- In this small update a bug was fixed that causes notifications to close immediately after showing.

v2.1.0.3 & 26-04-2019 11:15

- Sometimes, on longer lists in the roulette overview (home screen) people weren't able to scroll, this is fixes in this small update.

Oh! And it sometimes didn't work out well when more than 5 roulettes were played at the same time, problems such as not being able to see the roulette or an enormous amount of time between the end of the timer and the actual roulette, that is (if all went well πŸ˜…) also fixed now!

v2.1.0.2 22-04-2019

- After some fixes since the last version, this time a new attempt to release the public Beta of Office Roulette for Mac! Downloadable on KantoorRoulette.com!

Also these fixes:
- Some emoji were not working anymore because of the addition of an emoji-set, that's fixed now.
- New uses have to choose their language after first opening the extension (or desktop app)

v2.1.0.1 18-04-2019

- The Mac Desktop version van Kantoor Roulette is live, it's in beta, so please report all bugs via the menu in the application! (Currenty only downloadable as 'Kantoor Roulette' (dutch) on the website, but the english language in included) πŸ˜‰ Mac version delayed because of (game stopping) bugs!
- The default drink choice is back, it was broken since the last updates on groups settings πŸ˜…

v2.1.0.0 15-04-2019

- The default request is now set to 'get something to drink' instead of 'get coffee'
The selection window of Drink Selection has been updated to give more space for custom items.
- The Group Admins of Pro-groups decide whether the 'Other' option is available in Drink Selection.
- The group admin can now force the Drink Selection to on for his/her group members
- Request option for 'get lunch' has been added!
- The request notification will wait for interaction instead of fading away in a few seconds.
- And a lower data usage!

v2.0.9.7 11-04-2019

In this update Group Admins of Pro-groups can add their own choices to the 'Drink Selection'. For example when your coffee machine has more options than Office Roulette has by default.
Also these things have been added:
- Pro: Drink option 'Hot Chocolate' had been added
- Performance fixes: maximum chat message count (and a button to see them all)
- Many additions and fixes for the upcoming Desktop releases!

v2.0.9.6 05-04-2019

In this small update we've done some performance updates. Also, 'Beer' is available in the drink selection after three 'o clock on fridays (Pro)

In the next update we'll add the feature for the groupowner to add their own drinks available for it's members.

v2.0.9.5 25-03-2019

In this version we sped up the response time of the Office Roulette extension.

Also, we have added a button for people who are not able to see their colleagues to contact us.

v2.0.9.3 & 21-03-2019 & 22-03-2019

Drink Selection Update (Pro)
- You can now choose cappuccino!
- With the option 'Other', you can now define your own choice
- The drink icons have been changed a bit.

Other updates
- Option to disable all sounds (voices) ([Settings] > [Disable all sounds]) (
- Bugfix where people were not able to see their own choice at drinkselection 'Other' (

v2.0.9.2 13-03-2019

De drinkselection is now an official feature of the Pro-accounts and is now visible in the settings! πŸŽ‰
Also some edits, for example the logo in the 'Connection Problem' window which was not working..

v2.0.9.0 & 05-03-2019

In this small release we did some changes on the app for the upcoming desktop-versions. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

Next to that we added a beta-feature: drink selection feature (only for pro users) where you can specify if you want Coffee, Espresso, Tea or Water. β˜• You can find it in the Settings-menu under Beta features.
- You can now set dnd-mode on for the rest of the week.
And like last time, we also reduced the data usage a bit more in this version. πŸŽ‰

v2.0.8.4 11-02-2019

- In this release we fixed a frustrating bug. The bug caused the roulette to choose the wrong loser in some rare cases! 😱 After a long research we found this bug and we (hopefully) fixed it.
- In this release we also reintroduced this the changelog-icon in the top bar. ⭐
️- We also optimized the data usage of the Extension.

v2.0.8.2 & 06-02-2019

The dutch website of the Office Roulette went live yesterday (on kantoorroulette.nl)! With that a small update to the extension of Office Roulette. You can expect the English website very soon.
- The release includes some small fixes under the hood to enhance the user experience.

v2.0.8.0 & 31-01-2019

A small update with the following changes:
- Losers cannot do new requests for about 15 minutes.
- New requests are not possible for a few minutes after a request (to prevent spam).

v2.0.7.0, & 16-01-2019

- Groups can now be created by Pros
- Pro Badge for Pro Users on hover (next to the chat window)
- More confetti when the roulette loser is determined!!πŸ™Œ πŸŽŠπŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
- Some problems with the groups are fixed in this release.

v2.0.6.6 15-01-2019

- Logging in with Google was not working anymore, this is fixed in this version.
- Fix for massive rows in the chat container.

v2.0.6.3 & & 11-01-2019

- Not-participating users where shown during spinning (as empty rows). This bug is fixed in this realease.
- Due to the optimizations from v2.0.6.0 some screens where broken.

Good luck, Sebastiaan from Office Roulette.

v2.0.6.0, & 09-01-2019

In this version we optimized the plug-in and added some features
- The spinner has been updated, you can now view the participants while spinning.
- The plug-in has a lower startup-time due to code optimizations.
- Some language errors have been fixed.
- Sometimes the whole browser lagged when changing the participation in the notification. That's fixed in this release.

v2.0.5.0 03-01-2019

Best Wishes for 2019!
In this update we've introduced a side menu to get a better overview of all options. Also, the colors of the confetti after a spin has been changed to match Office Roulettes color scheme. (not a big change, but we want to be honest in our changelog)
Also some updates on the English language and how it' saved for our international users.
Good luck,

v2.0.4.1 & 24-12-2018

In this small update some we've fixed some issues with the Groups.

v2.0.4.0 19-12-2018

- The new logo is added on the Login-page (we forgot about that)
- More English translations.
- Login with Twitter (beta)
- You can now change the text-to-speech voice in the Settings (if available on your OS)
- Opt-out for the statistics mail on Friday at 4 'o clock (found in the profile options)
- Groups are activated for all Pro-users.

v2.0.3.1 & v2.0.3.2 07-12-2018

- Bugfixes release (the privacy policy GDPR-page was looking terrible, some logo updates).
- Some bugs in the participant overview, like a double scrollbar has been fixed!

v2.0.3.0 07-12-2018

- We've updated our logo!
- we have changes styles in the plug-in to the new identity styles. (website will follow soon!)
- There is a new plug-in icon as well, you will get te question to change if you're coming from an earlier version. There is a new option in the settings called "Nostalgic Icon" if you want te old one back.

v2.0.2.0 29-11-2018

- We have added English Translations! The old changelog is sadly in Dutch, our excuses for the inconvenience. (if you enable experimental features)
- We have added login with Linkedin, someting quite logic when you focus on corporate users ;-)
- Many fixes to enhance the experience (Sorry, we hate these vague notes as much as you do, but we've revamped so much last weeks that we don't know)

v2.0.1.0 02-11-2018

This text is not available in english..

v2.0.0.9 31-10-2018

This text is not available in english..

v2.0.0.8 29-10-2018

This text is not available in english..

v2.0.0.7 22-10-2018

This text is not available in english..

v2.0.0.6 15-10-2018

This text is not available in english..

v2.0.0.5 12-10-2018

This text is not available in english..

v2.0.0.4 05-10-2018

This text is not available in english..

v2.0.0.3 04-10-2018

This text is not available in english..

v2.0.0.2 01-10-2018

This text is not available in english..

v2.0.0.1 01-10-2018

This text is not available in english..

v2.0.0.0 30-09-2018

This text is not available in english..